Suggestions for Lengthening the Life of Your Carpet

If you hope to keep your carpet looking new, regular maintenance, proper care and prompt, appropriate spot removal must be practiced. This includes:

Regular Vacuuming

In order to keep the carpets in your home looking their best, regular vacuuming is required. Most of the wear that occurs in carpet is caused simply by dirt building up within the fibers.

Vacuum 1 time per week if:

  • Your carpet experiences little to no traffic on a regular basis
  • You do not have pets
  • You do not wear your shoes in the house

Vacuum 2 times per week if:

  • Your carpet experiences regular traffic daily
  • You have pets that shed minimally
  • You have children
  • Your carpet experiences spills frequently

Vacuum 3 times per week if:

  • Your carpet experiences high traffic daily
  • Noticeable debris are carried in from outside by shoes, children or pets
  • Your pet sheds heavily

Additional recommendations

Pets who travel outdoors also have a habit of tracking in dirt. Be sure to spend extra time in the areas where pets travel in and out.

Taking your shoes off before stepping onto your carpet is great way to avoid soil wear as well.

Professional Cleanings

We recommend professional carpet cleaning once every 3 to 9 months if:

  • You are trying maintain high quality new or like new carpet.
  • Your carpet experiences frequent high traffic-kid’s, pets etc.
  • Your carpet experiences frequent spills or pet accidents.
  • You have pets.
  • You smoke.

We recommend professional carpet cleaning once per year if:

  • Your carpet does not experience very much traffic.
  • Spills or stains are not an issue.
  • You do not have pets.