While plenty of homeowners choose to have hardwood floors installed in their home, others opt for its alternative, carpeting. You may think that this isn’t a big decision, but it actually can make a huge difference in the cost of maintenance in your home if you make the wrong decision between the two. We hear plenty of misinformation from people who are opting out of carpet to have hardwood in their homes instead. Most of these “facts” are simply myths that have been spread over the years. In this post, we plan on tackling the most common myths we hear at our carpet cleaning company, as well as tell you the truth regarding the reality of having carpet installed in your home.

  1. Steam cleaning may ruin my carpet.

This is not true whatsoever. There are many carpet cleaning companies that use hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning to remove dirt and debris from your carpet. It is actually the preferred method of professionals because it can cleanse thoroughly. Both carpet manufacturers and trained professionals all recommend this method. It is only when an untrained professional uses the steam cleaning method that there is a chance of your carpet becoming ruined.

  1. I don’t need to clean my carpet if it doesn’t look dirty.

Sure, your carpet may not look dirty but you have no idea what is actually living in those carpet fibers. Even if you cannot tell that it is dirty by looking at the surface, there could be plenty lurking below. Additionally, by the time the soil can be seen by your naked eye, the damage has already been done.

  1. My carpet is relatively new so I don’t need to clean it.

Carpet accumulate dirt, soil, crumbs and grime more quickly than you could ever imagine. This is why it is imperative that you routinely clean a brand new carpet once you have it installed. Going without having new carpets cleaned will lead to you need to replace your new carpeting much sooner than you ever planned on.

  1. Carpet deodorizers will keep my carpet clean and fresh.

This is absolutely untrue. Not only do these scented powders not do anything to keep your carpet fresh or clean, but they also do damage to your carpet. Additionally, these products create a lot of unnecessary dust in your home.

  1. A carpet gets dirtier faster once you clean it.

Okay, we admit, this myth has some merit as it used to be true. On the other hand, current professionals should not leave any dirt attracting residue in your carpet that will cause it to rapidly become soiled once again.

  1. Vacuuming your carpet too often can ruin it.

This is not something that you should worry about. It is, however, a great excuse for homeowners who hate the chore of vacuuming. If this sounds like you, you might want to consider purchasing a vacuum that does the job for you while you put your feet up. Plain and simple, the more you vacuum, the longer life your carpeting will have.

  1. I don’t need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company.

Even if you own your very own carpet cleaning machine, it is imperative that you have professional carpet cleaners treat your carpet every once in awhile. Additionally, depending on what type of machine you own, you may be causing harm to your carpet as many of these machines are great at putting water into your carpet, but awful at removing it entirely. This can lead to mold or mildew forming beneath your carpeting, requiring you to have to replace it entirely eventually.

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