While vacuuming may not be your favorite chore to complete around the house, it doesn’t make it any less vital to the life of your carpeting. Getting rid of dust and allergens, while also extending how long the carpets will last you, is imperative to keeping a tidy home. As a professional carpet cleaning company, we get asked often by our customers just how frequently they should be vacuuming for best results. Should you vacuum once a week? Once a month? Does it matter? Check out the tips below to get a better idea of when you should be vacuuming the carpeting and rugs in your home.

How Important Is Regular Vacuuming?

As mentioned above, you know that vacuuming your home is extremely important if you want to keep your home clean. Each time you vacuum, you are decreasing the amount of dander, dust and pollen that is flying around and settling in your home.

The longer you wait to vacuum, the more time debris has to sink into the fibers of your carpet. Each time you tread on the carpet, you are forcing dirt and grime further into your rugs or carpet. When this is not addressed quickly and frequently, it can lead to the extremely long process of deep cleaning your carpet. Additionally, you could be ruining your floor treatments by leaving filth to settle on your floors.

One last thing about frequency, don’t forget that there is more in your home that can be vacuumed that just the carpets and rugs. You can make your space cleaner by also vacuuming other surfaces like your furniture, window treatments and your pet’s bed.

When Should You Vacuum?

This brings us back to original question this post poses: How often should you be vacuuming? Truthfully, there is no one answer, as the frequency at which you vacuum depends entirely on your household. If, for instance, you have a home with kids and pets, you will likely want to vacuum high-traffic areas every other day or at least twice a week. These are places like your hallways, foyers, living and dining rooms In other areas of the home, like bedrooms, you can likely avoid vacuuming except for once a week.

On the other hand, if you live in a home with just yourself or with one other person, you can likely lessen the amount you vacuum. We would recommend once a week for homes with this sort of setup. Then again, as we mentioned before, having a pet can increase the frequency at which you need to vacuum.

Get the Deep Clean You Need With A Professional Team

Seeing as how vacuuming provides so many benefits to your floors, carpets and the health of you and your family, it’s time to start a regular vacuuming regimen in your home. Additionally, we would suggest that you have your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year at the very least for best results. Contact us today at Clean Master and find out what it would cost to have your carpets professionally cleaned by the best team in Christiansburg!

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